Our IT Solution Architects provide consultancy, planning, architecture, implementation, and support of a wide range of IT and Datacenter solutions. Our experts will provide your team with The BEST practices and guiding principles to a successful implementation, for which we will always commence with a DLD that contains a tailor-made Architecture Schematics, SOW, and TOC.


Professional Services

Our Solution Architects have a comprehensive experience in designing solid IT Datacenter infrastructures. The purpose of IT architecture is to create a firm foundation on which new services or updates of existing services can be constructed, and likewise creating a solid foundation for a new construction.

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Value Added Reseller

DEXIT is a value-added reseller of all products we design and implement. Purchasing hardware and software aren’t just processes of order fulfillment for us. We make sure to fit the products’ requirements to the actual need and demand, providing value with Presale consulting, designing, and fitting of the solution, always following The Vendor’s BEST Practices.

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Multi-Tier Support

DEXIT Support Services are provided in a 24×7 basis, or in regular business hours with response services that level up to 2 hours through the next business day in a multi-tier module. As a managed client of ours, your technological environment is handled by dedicated Senior Solution Architects that know your site fluently. We have your business’ best interests in heart, so if we chance upon an opportunity for improvement, we will take care of it.

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Monitor & Alert

DEX NOC is manned by highly trained Support Engineers, with advanced management tools built for complex IT environments. Our service provides:

  • Monitoring your system for security, availability, and performance issues.
  • Facilitating problems before they escalate.
  • Meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Generating reports that provide insightful information.
  • Forecasting demands.

Managed Services

Without a comprehensive IT management, your business is susceptible to security threats, Data loss, and costly downtime. With DEXIT services, you can be serene and leave the complexities of managing your workloads to us.


DEXIT leverage VMware and Microsoft Virtualization Solutions make their implementations more reliable. Our Solution Architects will identify requirements and create a virtualization plan to automate daily operations and Datacenter managements, regardless of where you are in your virtualization process.
One of the basic demands for businesses is a reliable storage that can serve as a Data warehouse for upper-layer applications and provide high-performance resources, utilization, and management. Storage is about more than just hardware and management software. While it can be complex, it does not have to be complicated. Our experts can simplify your organization’s storage with scalable, end-to-end solutions and services, taking into consideration customer’s challenges, policies, and workloads. All to make sure that the solutions are BEST fitted to your company’s needs.
In Hyperconverged both the storage area network and the underlying storage abstractions are implemented virtually in software rather than physically, in hardware. DEXIT Solution Architects highly specialize in design, implementation, and support of world-class HCI solutions.
One of our many aids lays in selecting a disaster recovery strategy and creating a disaster recovery plan based on recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) for various business processes. Nonetheless, we always make sure the procedure aligns with the organization’s business continuity plan. Our specialists will advise on whether to cut-off or switch-over recovery system method, all in correlation with the customer’s requirements. We aspire to deliver the right architecture, solutions, and support respectively to our customers’ business needs in DR and Backup Solutions.
Datacenter network is a complex arrangement of network devices such as Routers, Firewalls Switches, Load Balancers, etc., that inter-connect the various computing and storage units in a Datacenter's resource pool to ensure high-level performance. DEXIT Solution Architects highly specialize in design, implementation, and support of world-class network solutions including Checkpoint, FortiGate, Palo Alto, F5, Dell, HPE, and much more.
Microsoft Infrastructure Platforms are a comprehensive set of tools and technologies meant to improve your IT operations. Our DEXIT division have years of experience in designing, implementing, and supporting complex Microsoft Infrastructure solutions, so you can rest assured you business’ technological environment is managed by The BEST Ninja Experts!
Software-defined Datacenter means: All infrastructures are virtualized (systems virtualization, software-defined storage, software-defined network, single unified management), delivered as a service, and their control is entirely automated by software. SDDC is the ideal architecture for private and hybrid environments. DEXIT knowledge and skills in Virtual Compute covers all fields via VMWare Portfolio including vSphere, NSG, vSAN, etc.
container is a standard unit of software that packages up code and all its dependencies, so the application runs quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another. A Docker container image is a lightweight, standalone, executable package of software that includes everything needed to run an application: code, runtime, system tools, system libraries and settings. DEXIT Solution Architects highly specialize in design, implementation, and support complex docker environments.

Starting Packages

System Overview

Free system review of your current architecture or a future design by our Solution Architects. This includes an intro meeting in which by the end you will receive:

  • Summary of the review meeting.
  • Statement of work.
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

License Planning

We know Microsoft Licenses can get confusing. In this package, we go over your needs and run an assessment of your present licenses and tools to gather information about your current Microsoft product in use. At the end of this process you will receive a full recommended Licensing List and a CSP offer that covers all your needs.

High Level Design

Full system review of your current architecture and planning of a new IT topology design, all made by our Solution Architects. At the end of this process you will receive a full HLD document that includes:

  • Design Summary.
  • Topology Diagram.
  • Project SOW.
  • Component Overview.
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Workshop \ POC

Together we will cover-up a half day workshop\POC where we drill down to guidance on the IT Solutions relevant to your organization.